Hyams family website
Last update: 11.10.2020

Welcome to the Hyams family website

This is the private website of David, Ronit, Jonathan and Dina Hyams. This site is not intended as competition to the world’s major news, information or social networking sites (although it would be nice to have millions of hits a day :-) but is simply a placeholder for any items that we feel may be of interest to a wider audience. If you don’t know who we are or you wish to contact us directly but don’t know how, then I suggest you look elswehere for further information. Try www.telsearch.ch, Xing, LinkedIn or Facebook, depending on who or what you’re looking for. (Hint - there aren’t that many Hyams in Switzerland, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find us). If you have any comments relating to the content, design or layout of this website then send an email to webmaster@hyams.ch